Garage door weather seals Cleveland Ohio

Oct 30, 2015  
Garage door seals are also called astragal and weather stripping. They are fitted around the edges of a garage door with a purpose of keeping critters and insects out of your garage while keeping cold air and moisture from seeping through cracks around the doors. You can stay warmer and save on your energy bills through the winter by simply weatherproofing your garage doors.

PVC stop molding

A technician installs PVC stop molding on the top and the sides of the doors to the wood trips. When you have locked your garage door, its sections should be flush against the garage frame. However, this is not usually the case after you have installed PVC stop molding. The seal’s flap will press against the outside of your garage door and therefore closing the gaps between the garage frame and the door.

Reverse Angel Jamb Seal

Another type of garage door weather seals Cleveland Ohio is the Reverse Angel Jamb Seal. It has a clip section which attaches to a piece of angle iron. Just like the PVC stop molding seal, its flap closes the gap in between the garage frame and the door. There are other types of seals that you can use on the top of your garage door. These types install to the top of the garage door’s top section. Once you have locked your garage door, the Flap Top Seal will close against your garage door’s frame.

Furthermore, you can install Garage Door Seal Retainers around the top and sides of your garage doors. After the installation, you can slide the rubber seal, the vinyl seal or the brush seal into the seal retainer. There are many benefits related to the use of retainers and inserts compared to the one piece weather seal. One of these benefits is that changing the seal insert is much easier than changing the entire seal.

Garage door bottom seals

There are also various Garage door weather seals Cleveland Ohio to use on the bottom of your garage doors. One of them is Bottom Astragal which you can nail into the garage door’s bottom to form a tight fight with your garage floor. Some other bottom seals including the Twin Contact Bottom Seal are more intricate.

All bottom seal retainers serve the same purpose on garage doors. Similar to the side and top retainers, bottom retainers come in different shapes and dimensions. You can easily slide inserts with T-shaped or Bead Shaped ends onto the retainer depending on the slots shape in the bottom retainers. Moreover, there are Bubble Seals which slide into retainers. The usage of Dock Leveler seals is high on loading docks in sealing the gaps existing between the sides the platform of the dock.

When temperatures drop, the garage becomes more than just a place to store your vehicle – it becomes the first respite from cold. Anytime your garage door is malfunctioning due to cold weather, it will prevent you from pulling your car safely inside. To prevent such issues, you should properly protect your garage doors from the common problems. And for the sake of your security and that of others, you should never try to repair your garage door because the doors hold lots of potential energy and can cause injuries when released improperly.